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My story
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My Story

My diner service will transform your dining room into an elegant restaurant! 

I will take care of your kitchen, only for a day or a few hours, and create the atmosphere of a 3 -star restaurant,

With all the necessary tools, high-quality fresh ingredients, I will prepare tasteful recipes with an elegant presentation. Bringing the authentic Italian atmosphere of a happy Italian cuisine to your home or your company.
From the moment I enter your kitchen, I will take care of you and your guests, paying attention to details, and taking care of each guest, to create a unique and unforgettable event.
At the end of the dinner, my job will be to leave all the kitchen clean.

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I will bring all the necessary kitchen tools and fresh, high-quality ingredients to prepare tasty recipes and offer you an impressive presentation

The chef will prepare the dinner
Cook in your home and serve each dish

Your kitchen will be transformed into a luxurious restaurant for an evening. With professional service and years of experience in the kitchen, I will make your dinner an elegant and unforgettable experience.

Gourmet dishes with
exclusive wines

Italian Gourmet dishes, influenced by Italian Michelin Star restaurants. And the dinners can be accompanied by exclusive French and Italian wines from our wine partner.

A complete service and we leave with a clean kitchen

You don’t have to worry about anything, We take care of everything from the beginning until the end of the evening. And we leave with a clean kitchen. 

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Homemade Pasta

Learn to make handmade pasta at home

The Menu's
classic menu


Prestige menu


vegetarian menu


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