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Giovanni Nava

Italian Private Chef

I am Giovanni Nava, an Italian chef, originally from the south of Italy.  My passion for cooking started at a very young age. I trained at one of the most prestigious Italian cooking academies, the Chef Academy in Terni. Then continued my profession at various restaurants, two of which with Michelin stars; Vinkeles in Amsterdam, and Il Poeta Contadino in Italy.


After gaining a lot of experience, I decided to dedicate my career to private cooking and catering. As a private chef, I will make dishes in which you can find the flavours and aromas of the Italian tradition from north to south, and if you wish they can be accompanied by the best Italian wines. 

The care dedicated to cooking is the result of the passion and professionalism that characterizes me through which you can enjoy great food, comfortably in your own home.



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